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27 July 2009

Mudflap Girl with Pasties Necklace

I've been independently obsessed with the idea of creating a logo of a mudflap girl wearing pasties for my Boudoir Betty lingerie line. So, imagine my total delight when I discovered one of my favorite jewelry designs makes a mudflap girl paties with "ruby nipples" that I think look a lot more like red pasties! I am so obsessed with Wendy Brandes Mudflap Jill necklace, and at $200 this trinket is a STEAL! I'm so in love with it that I'm going to have to post it again over at Boudoir Betty!

Image from Wendy Brandes Jewelry


WendyB said...

I'll go with the idea of "pasties." Ha ha! Great minds think alike about pasties. I'm so glad you like this piece...I owe it all to Jill. Right now I have only one in silver left, they've been flying out the door!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE necklaces with charms on the, very sweet!