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09 July 2009

The ten most overexposed luxury items

I've been discovering more and more that everyone is getting sick of the "it bag." I read it in the NYT, I see it discussed on blogs and I hear it from my friends. I want to take this current distaste with the "it bag" and expand it to other overexposed mastige items. There are certain luxury items that are SO overexposed that they've become common and completely unoriginal. In some cases these items are classics, but I feel they qualify for this list anyway, feel free to argue with me in the comments section.

Overexposed luxury items #1: Burbuery Plaid, has already been covered by C&C.

Overexposed luxury items #2: Most items sold by Coach, especially those covered with the C logo. Don't get me wrong, I still carry my Coach bags all the time, I just happen to own Coach bags that are more or less unidentifiable as Coach from the Outside. I love the quality of their leather, especially in their older bags. For example, I have this black leather clutch lined with a beautiful beige suede.

Overexposed luxury items #3: Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags. I know I'll probably get blow back on this one...these purses are still the ultimate status accessory. Once a luxury item is widely acknowledged to be "the ultimate status accessory" it is largely over. When I do spot one, I usually assume it is a fake.

Overexposed luxury items #4: The 1 karat+ platinum prong set diamond solitare engagement ring. These rings are usually so generic, and cost the same as a house downpayment. Can't we just get over it already? How about a beautiful white pearl ring? Or a stunning emerald? Or just a plain platinum band?

Overexposed luxury items #5: Anything that has the LV monogram. Louis Vuitton over exposure has been beaten to death on the blogosphere, I won't elaborate here.

Overexposed luxury items #6: Silver necklaces from Tiffany, especially Elsa Peretti hearts and Tiffany silver pendants reading "if lost please return." These pendants are especially popular in upper-middle class New York and New Jersey High Schools and College Soroities south of the Mason-Dixon line. I own four Elsa Peretti necklaces, I belong to none of those demographics.

Overexposed luxury items #7: The Rayban Wayfarer and its legions of knock-offs (isn't Rob Pattinson beautiful?)

Overexposed luxury items #8: Cristal is the beverage of choice of Miami trustafarian bimbos who think an UTI is a STD according to Tucker Max. There are tastier, less famous champagne than Cristal.

Overexposed luxury items #9: Hummers are so over...gone along with the days of conspicuous consumerism and a flush economy.

Overexposed luxury items #10: Karl Lagerfeld. The man is eccentric and lets not forget totally narcissistic. He made a teddy bear in his own likeness.

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WendyB said...

LOL at KL as an overexposed luxury item!

donna said...

i'm 110% with you on all of these. although it's a little hypocritical of me, because i do sometimes rock my burberry sneakers with pride (what can i say, they're like burberry chucks!). but as someone fairly newly engaged, the solitaire rings bore me to death!

one thing i'm glad didnt make it to your list: chanel quilted bags. they're probably overexposed item #11, but i still covet them.

tanvi said...

Amen to this post!

Stephanie said...

I agree with you on every. single. one.

RLMEnglish said...

I would like to add one or two things from the "non-luxry therefore doubly or triply overexposed" category. Vera Bradley ANYTHING, and Ed Hardy ANYTHING.

Chic and Charming said...

RhiannonM-I never really liked Vera Bradley to begin with, but, even though I agree its so over exposed-I still love Ed Hardy Sunglasses

Donna-I still think more about grannies and grade dames when I think about quilted I deem them safe for now!

WendyB-It just seems to fit, doesn't it?

FB @ said...

I agree with EVERYTHING! Except that Rob is not that good looking in my book.

I find him.. kinda ugly. I won't lie.

I would also like to second Vera Bradley, Ed Hardy....!!

You covered all the main offenders. Esp the LV logo. HATE the LV logo.

Krysten Lindsay Hager said...

I so agree on most of these! I assume all the LV's I see are fake now since everyone seems to have them. Even the real ones look cheap to me now. And Lilly stuff is starting to get to me, too.

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

what a funny post, well done!