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05 July 2009

Wanted: Death and Texas Bike Bag

I just got a bike! It was a gift from my fabulously generous parents to help on my summer quest to loose my graduate-school-stress-eating-belly-fat. With my bike on my brain as I browsed esty this morning, I was instantly drawn to the Death and Texas Bike Bag. This bag is truly a thing of beauty, a purse that you can latch to the front of your bike...but with real style! Beauty comes first in this case, which is quite unusual in bike accessory design. If you don't have a bike you should check out the other goodies at Death and Texas, they are equally awesome.

P.S. My hubby thinks I am looking for ways to 'pimp my ride'...he's probably right, there are likely more bicycle chic posts on the way!

Image from etsy


Jennifer said...

That is very cute. I never thought to add a bag to my bike, i just have a basket in the front.

RLMEnglish said...

I like that bag very much. I need to actually buy the bike I have been coveting lately so I can actually USE it. That would be awesome.

Chic and Charming said...

I think the advantage of the bag over the basket is that you can take the whole thing with you, although it holds much less...there are some baskets I've been loving too!

erika sorocco said...

Oh, I want this bag myself - it's fabulous. Plus, the nautical colors remind me of summering in the Hamptons or Nantucket. What a lovely find! :)