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23 August 2009

Looking Forward to New York, I Love You

I thought Paris, je t'aime was adorable. So, it is probably not surprising that I am really looking forward to New York, I Love You. Paris je t'aime seems to have illicited some pretty strong views from movie critics...mostly negative. The series of shorts is very sentimental and a bit sappy and I will be the first to agree it had weak points. But, I am still really looking forward to the next installment! What do you think?

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Arushi Khosla said...

Me too! Paris Je T'aime was one of my absolute all-time favorites and I was so glad when I saw the NY I love You trailer.
Rachel B, Hayden AND Blake? I'm there. Not to mention my ridiculous obsession with NYC :P

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of film that melts my heart. All those beautiful images of new york make me wanna get on a fricking plane like right now.
But it confuses me about love. I don't belive in love.