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21 September 2009

Female Body Hair: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

One of my good friends is a doctor, specifically he is the kind of doctor that rarely sees patients (he looks at slides for other doctors to help diagnose disease). This friend also happens to be gay and so, despite the fact that he is a doctor, he actually has very little practical experience with breasts. So, I guess it is not all that surprising that he had questions about female nipple hair; specifically, how common is nipple hair and in what quantity does it occur. The answer: nipple hair is actually very common and can vary widely in quantity, especially in brunette and raven-haired women. Several websites advocate waxing or plucking this hair, to which I say: "WTF. Seriously, would you ask a man to pluck his balls?" It sounds like torture. If you feel compelled to remove nipple hair, shaving should work just fine.

This conversation made me start thinking, I wonder how many women out there think they are abnormal because they have chin hair, nipple hair or a bit of a mustache? Our examples of female beauty: models, actresses...and barbies are all hairless wonders. These ladies are usually waxed, plucked and lasered within an inch of their lives. Not only do they lack these taboo hair patches, they usually have totally hairless crotches as well. Well, I'm here to tell you: hairless is not the natural state of the female body. There is nothing wrong with removing all of your body hair, but you shouldn't feel ashamed of your body becuase you have to pluck chin hair and wax a happy trail. There is nothing wrong with you!

Well, I would be irresponsible if I didn't add that in some rare cases there might actually be something wrong with you...if you have lots of body hair, abnormal periods, acne and weight gain you should check with your doctor to see if you have polycystic ovary syndrome.

Image from holistickid.com

16 September 2009

Word of the Moment: Blowzy

From Dictionary.com: blowzy, blowsy (perhaps misspelled blousy)
  1. Having a coarsely ruddy and bloated appearance.
  2. Disheveled and frowzy; unkempt: blowzy hair.
  3. used especially of women
Synonyms: blowzy, slatternly, sluttish

[From obsolete blowze, beggar woman, slattern.]

Josh Groban: Now you might be thinking why would a pop star like me come over and talk to you? Well let me tell you something, throngs of screaming teenagers don’t do it for Josh Groban. No, Josh Groban loves a blowzy alcoholic.
Doodle: Belch
Josh: uh, oh, wow
Doodle: You have to forgive me, man, I am afraid I’m a little bit drunk,and I’m not making good choices right now

Image and Quote from Glee
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14 September 2009

New iPod Shuffles

Is it me, or do the new iPod Shuffles look like lighters?
Image from Apple

13 September 2009

Anna Sui for Target, SO disappointing

Dropped by Target today to check out the Anna Sui Gossip Girl inspired collection, and I was totally disappointed. Even by GO standards, it seemed a bit heavy on the sheer clothing, which would normally be lined but is not because its Target and its $20. The collection just seemed kind of dated, like thrift store Anna Sui, but poorly made. I was going to recommend the collection as an inexpensive way to do a Gossip Girl Halloween costume, but honestly, the GG folk wouldn't be caught dead in these clothes.

The white dress pictured on the far left is a decent approximation of an actual Blair costume, but just looks kind of dingy and cheap in person. Also, if you wear the Blair dress and you're over 5'2 you might find yourself featured on Daddy Likey in "Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, the recurring feature where Daddy Likey readers strike back against the trend of, like, not wearing pants with shirts."

The Jenny inspired hole-y leggings (middle left) gave me some horrible early 1990s flashbacks, *shudder.* VBS will be administered to any and all that wear that particularly disastrous piece...unless of course you're going to be a zombie tranny for Halloween, in which case you should also check out the matching top.

P.S. If you are looking for a more comprehensive review, head over to Golden Means. She totally rocks the black Serena dress.

Image from Le Chic Batik
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11 September 2009

Glee: Charmingly Camp

I really kind of love Glee. It's amusing. It's heart warming. It's good, clean campy fun and I don't really even like musicals. The singing is phenomenal. There are a couple of songs performed in each episode, but they are a good mix of catchy classics and modern pop. Thus far, the high school caste system is well portrayed without veering off into the painful, a la Superbad. Check it out over on hulu, they have the pilot and the first regular season episode up now.

P.S. Oh, my darling hot, hot Cory Monteith, you can't actually go to Czechoslovakia...it hasn't been a country since 1993. But, I'd still make out with you anyway.

10 September 2009

The Bass is Back

September brings with it crisp, cool nights, nostalgia for school...and Chuck Bass. I wish all men dressed like him. Gossip Girl starts back Monday at 9 pm with "Reversals of Fortune." On dock for the next two episodes: "The Freshman" and "The Lost Boy."

09 September 2009

This Trend has Jumped the Shark: Keep Calm Carry On

I hereby declare the Keep Calm Carry On poster "over." Anyone who actually purchases the anthropolgie "Keep Calm Carry On" area rug deserves a VBS to bring them back to their senses. I dearly loved this poster and considered for sometime purchasing a copy, but I hesitated too long. Today is a sad day. Damn you anthropologie for pushing this trend over the edge! Although...the "Keep Calm, Have Lunch" brown paper bag did nothing to help the trend.

Image from anthropologie

08 September 2009

Rekindeling my Coach Crush

So, I got really sick of Coach; I was totally and completely over it. In some part this was because Coach got kind of boring and in some part this was because Coach became the darling of label whores. I like to check in on brands that I write off from time to time, you know, just in case they turn things around. I really did love the old Coach, with its beautiful leather handbags, after all.

So, I'm here to tell you Coach is struggling along on the road to style redemption. I would encourage you to continue to shun the C monogrammed cloth bags, the blight of the shopping mall. However, I encourage you to reward Coach for its attempts at good taste by purchasing one of these beauties:

Poppy Coin Purse is so adorably small, but perhaps a little impractical.

Madison Small Wallet is PERFECT. Its the size of a small men's wallet, but it looks like it belongs to a girl. Love, love love!

Madison Sabrina looks sophisticated and expensive.

Madison Large Wristlet would be nice with jeans for going out to a club.

I think Lexi should be worn without the shoulder strap.

Croc Garnet is classic, but way expensive.

Bonnie Small is adorable.

P.S. Dear Coach, You have one of the most unfriendly websites I've ever seen for a major brand. It is nearly impossible to share links from your website, and when you try to copy and paste product names, they come out in all capitals, not to mention trying to grab pictures...I gave up! -S

Images from Coach
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Stila Barbie Smudge Pot

Smudge pot + Brush #28 = the perfect thick eyeliner

Image from Stila

06 September 2009

Link Love: Its All Me

I've been writing elsewhere this week, check it out:

Image from Dr.Sketchy's Art School

01 September 2009

Finally! a wallet for your bra...

The Rack Trap: a wallet for your bra...the perfect solution for going out in scandalous dresses!