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13 September 2009

Anna Sui for Target, SO disappointing

Dropped by Target today to check out the Anna Sui Gossip Girl inspired collection, and I was totally disappointed. Even by GO standards, it seemed a bit heavy on the sheer clothing, which would normally be lined but is not because its Target and its $20. The collection just seemed kind of dated, like thrift store Anna Sui, but poorly made. I was going to recommend the collection as an inexpensive way to do a Gossip Girl Halloween costume, but honestly, the GG folk wouldn't be caught dead in these clothes.

The white dress pictured on the far left is a decent approximation of an actual Blair costume, but just looks kind of dingy and cheap in person. Also, if you wear the Blair dress and you're over 5'2 you might find yourself featured on Daddy Likey in "Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, the recurring feature where Daddy Likey readers strike back against the trend of, like, not wearing pants with shirts."

The Jenny inspired hole-y leggings (middle left) gave me some horrible early 1990s flashbacks, *shudder.* VBS will be administered to any and all that wear that particularly disastrous piece...unless of course you're going to be a zombie tranny for Halloween, in which case you should also check out the matching top.

P.S. If you are looking for a more comprehensive review, head over to Golden Means. She totally rocks the black Serena dress.

Image from Le Chic Batik
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Leah said...

That's a shocking revelation... when you look at the lookbook, the clothes looks amazing. Glad I got a first hand info from someone who actually saw the real thing.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree...there were a few nice pieces here and there, but overall: disappointment. I bought two items (serena's flapper dress and jumper), but that's it. the white dress was particularly hideous!

Poppy said...

I agree I'm terribly disappointed by the line, and it held so much promise. Thanks for posting.

Stephanie said...

It reminds me of the Alexander McQueen collection for Target.

They just took the most simple of their designs, and put zero effort into execution.


A said...

I hate sheer things that aren't lined! It makes things so inconvenient having to bother about slips and so forth!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I was wondering how it checked out. I haven't gone to the store to see for myself yet. That's a shame. I've taken issue with the fabrics of other Target/designer collabs.

Miss. McDonnell said...

That's so upsetting! Anna Sui + Gossip Girl seems like such a no-brainer!

Anonymous said...

i thought the collection was ok. good point on the sheer clothes. i actually bought one of the navy blue sheer tops, which fits well. i almost bought that blue tunic third from the left, but ended up putting it down because it wasn't worth the price.

i think it's worth checking out the line if you're at target, but i wouldn't go out of your way for it.

Unknown said...

I totally love that little orange and black striped dress on the end. It could so easily be accesorized to be a pirate for Halloween!
I think I made some spelling errors. Aarrgggg

GPROA said...

.."A zombie tranny"? Really??

Chic and Charming said...

I might have gotten carried away...maybe I was channeling a bit too much Christian Siriano. At any rate, I have nothing but love for trannies, so I really shouldn't use the word as an insult. sorry. :(