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11 September 2009

Glee: Charmingly Camp

I really kind of love Glee. It's amusing. It's heart warming. It's good, clean campy fun and I don't really even like musicals. The singing is phenomenal. There are a couple of songs performed in each episode, but they are a good mix of catchy classics and modern pop. Thus far, the high school caste system is well portrayed without veering off into the painful, a la Superbad. Check it out over on hulu, they have the pilot and the first regular season episode up now.

P.S. Oh, my darling hot, hot Cory Monteith, you can't actually go to hasn't been a country since 1993. But, I'd still make out with you anyway.


Sarah's Fab Day said...

Love this show, it's cute and just slightly embarrasing at the same time. The perfect mix kinda like the Office.

babyxswts5 said...

Is it sad that I get chills when I hear their version of "Don't Stop Believin'"? I like it better than Journey's version!

Anonymous said...

You really kind of love Glee, and I really kind of love your pink YouTube skin. Never noticed that before. Can't say I agree about Don't Stop Believin'...part of the magic is the original context: haircuts, clothes, and all that Journeyness.