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14 September 2009

New iPod Shuffles

Is it me, or do the new iPod Shuffles look like lighters?
Image from Apple


Leah said...

LOL... yes they do look like lighters.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah those def. look like lighters, but I still like them! Seems like they would easily slip into a pocket.

Poppy said...

They do a bit, very sleek though.

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Hahaha! Oddly enough, they do look like lighters!

Anonymous said...

Very slick. If they're going to go the "lighter" route, though, they should make one in lipstick red. They should also make one polished (not brushed) metallic. The bright & cheery metal thing is SO 2006.

SoHo Accessories said...

Love the vibrant colors !