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08 September 2009

Rekindeling my Coach Crush

So, I got really sick of Coach; I was totally and completely over it. In some part this was because Coach got kind of boring and in some part this was because Coach became the darling of label whores. I like to check in on brands that I write off from time to time, you know, just in case they turn things around. I really did love the old Coach, with its beautiful leather handbags, after all.

So, I'm here to tell you Coach is struggling along on the road to style redemption. I would encourage you to continue to shun the C monogrammed cloth bags, the blight of the shopping mall. However, I encourage you to reward Coach for its attempts at good taste by purchasing one of these beauties:

Poppy Coin Purse is so adorably small, but perhaps a little impractical.

Madison Small Wallet is PERFECT. Its the size of a small men's wallet, but it looks like it belongs to a girl. Love, love love!

Madison Sabrina looks sophisticated and expensive.

Madison Large Wristlet would be nice with jeans for going out to a club.

I think Lexi should be worn without the shoulder strap.

Croc Garnet is classic, but way expensive.

Bonnie Small is adorable.

P.S. Dear Coach, You have one of the most unfriendly websites I've ever seen for a major brand. It is nearly impossible to share links from your website, and when you try to copy and paste product names, they come out in all capitals, not to mention trying to grab pictures...I gave up! -S

Images from Coach
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Leah said...

I agree... before Coach used to have just their boring logos on their designs. Now they have reinvented their designs and came up with adorable pieces.

Katie said...

LOVE the Croc Garnet!

WendyB said...

Coach gives me high school flashbacks (those were the pre-logo days), though I kind of like the old Bonnie Cashin pieces.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first and second ones. I'm so into tiny colorful clutches these days. :)