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16 September 2009

Word of the Moment: Blowzy

From blowzy, blowsy (perhaps misspelled blousy)
  1. Having a coarsely ruddy and bloated appearance.
  2. Disheveled and frowzy; unkempt: blowzy hair.
  3. used especially of women
Synonyms: blowzy, slatternly, sluttish

[From obsolete blowze, beggar woman, slattern.]

Josh Groban: Now you might be thinking why would a pop star like me come over and talk to you? Well let me tell you something, throngs of screaming teenagers don’t do it for Josh Groban. No, Josh Groban loves a blowzy alcoholic.
Doodle: Belch
Josh: uh, oh, wow
Doodle: You have to forgive me, man, I am afraid I’m a little bit drunk,and I’m not making good choices right now

Image and Quote from Glee
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