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24 October 2009

Hippie, dirty-minded, vamp costume for Jill

My first instinct when Jill asked for a hippie, dirty-minded, vamp costume was to take the vamp literally and design a Victoria costume from Twilight, especially because Jill is a red head. After visiting her blog, Stella's Roar, I decided a different costume might be in I designed a costume based a some art she had featured on her blog. Behold, a costume design based on Sylvia Ji's La Catrina.

Makeup for this look is called All Souls and was created by M·A·C Artist: Tara Renee Vasquez of Montclair, CA, USA. Follow the step-by-step and M·A·C products listed below to achieve that look.

1. Hydrate and create a luminous finish on skin with a spritz of Fix + and Strobe Cream.
2. Use a powder brush to dust White Frost Eye Shadow all over the face, concentrating the strength over the high planes.
3. Draw the outline of the skull design with Blacktrack Fluidline and Brush #228.
4. Use Brush #109 to shade Electric Eel Eye Shadow over the contours of the face within the skull design.
5. Use Brush #228 to apply Blacktrack Fluidline to outline and shade the eye sockets, and switch to Brush #210 to continue with Blacktrack to create the details over the forehead, browbone, nose, cheek, mouth, and chin.
6. Use Brushes #219 and #311 to fill in details with correlating Eye Shadows in Passionate, Chrome Yellow, Purple Haze, Juxt, and Orange.
7. Use Powerpoint in Industry and Scene Eye Shadow to shade in teeth. Outline with Black Knight Lipstick
8. Finish finessing details with Boot Black Liner.

Green Gel Cleanser
Strobe Cream
Prep+Prime Skin
Eye Shadow - White Frost, Orange Juxt, Electric Eel, Passionate, Carbon, Chrome Yellow, Purple Haze
Liquid Last Liner - Inkspill
Fix +

Liquid Eye Liner - Bootblack
Eye Shadow - White Frost, Juxt, Carbon, Electric Eel
Fluidline - Blacktrack

Powerpoint - Industry, Gilded White
Lipstick - Black Knight (Style Black Collection)

Click here for a printable version of this look to bring to a M·A·C Artist in a store near you; links to the products used are also included: Or visit to purchase these products online or find a store near you.


Jill said...

You totally read my mind. This is the look I'm planning to do for Halloween if I can brush off this lethargy. I'm really thankful for the step by step makeup application. Thanks for picking me as one of your creations! You've made me a bit more inspired to get my shit together and celebrate my favorite holiday. Gracias, Chica!!

Chic and Charming said...

I actually had kind of a hard time finding a dress that I was pleased with for this look. Most options just looked kind of cheesy. This would make a totally awesome costume through, especially with this makeup.