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17 October 2009

If I was going to do plaid...

I already did plaid once: plaid flannel in the 90s. I am really not all that eager to return to this look, so ultimately I've decided that I will not be doing this trend. Just because I'm not doing it, doesn't mean that you shouldn't! I've put together a few ways to do plaid in a decidedly modern way for my readers who can't wait to don plaid this fall.

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Singer' Plaid Voile Top

Nili Lotan Ruffle Front Halter Top

Images from Nordstrom, Target and ShopBop


Jessica said...

Oh, honey, my sentiments exactly. I wore a green plaid flannel either as a shirt or around my waist (tres versatile!) every day during my sophmore year of high school. Which is exactly why I you'll find zero, Zero, plaid in my wardrobe. However... The youngins look adorable in plaid tops, leggings and boots. Not exactly the look Kurt Cobain was going for, but cute nonetheless!

SoHo Accessories said...

Love the Ruffle Front Halter Top. If the plaid is tone down as this one I can do plaid...but no red lumberjack shirts for me.