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06 November 2009

Currently Loving Cake Pops

I've vaguely noticed cake pops/cake balls over the last few months both online and in print, but recently they've been upgraded from "noticed" to "fixated." You know how cupcakes have suddenly become kind of a culinary obsession? I think cake pops are headed towards being the "next big thing." Cake pops are fabulous for all the same reasons cupcakes are fabulous and they take things up a notch.

Sheet cake and layer cake are great...cupcakes are even better because they have everything that big cakes have plus they are cute and small. Mini cupcakes are even better because they are cuter than plain old cupcakes, ergo cake pops must be the best because they are currently the cutest and the smallest version of cake available. Cake pops are also less messy to eat than cupcakes and present a three dimensional decorating surface. Not to mention they are one delicious type of dessert (cake) imitating another equally delish type of dessert (lollipops). From what I understand cake pops are easy to make. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not point out that cake pops are food on a stick, and as anyone who been to a state fair cal tell you...all food tastes better on a stick.

I recommend checking out the cake pop section over at for an amazing selection of festive cake pop options. I am personally hoping that my sister Marilyn, master of baked goods, reads this article and decides to make the turkey cake pops for Thanksgiving (in addition to the pumpkin pie made from actual fresh pumpkin that she was planning).

Images from Bakerella


Leah said...

Those cake pops look so yummy... I love cake pops as well.

o said...

these cake pops look delish! i think u're on to may just be the next cupcakes:)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

P.S. You just killed my evening productivity entirely by introducing me to Bakerella!!!!!! 8-D