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10 December 2009

Affordable Christmas Cards

One of my tweet peeps (@susienotsusan) asked me to write a post about affordable Christmas cards and I totally spaced. This is probably not that surprising to people who know me in real life. I blame it on inhalation of marabou and glitter.

This list is probably not going to rock your world...this year my Christmas cards are from Walmart. In the past I've obtained cards from Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshall's. The best deals on the cutest cards happen after the holidays, so if you are super on top of things you can purchase your cards for next year this year. That is how I got some fabulous Snow and Graham cards the year before last. My main criteria when choosing a holiday card is size, specifically I look for minimal space for a personalized message, so I don't feel bad about not writing a novel to each of my friends. This year I'm finally breaking down and sending a newsletter, to my own personal horror, it makes me feel officially least I got adorable paper from Target.

I do have to specifically note Walmart's photo cards starting at $0.28 each, which is an awesome deal...and your cards will be just as cute as you!

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Leah said...

I am so like you before, getting cards with less writing space. Now, I get the big cards because my handwriting tends to grow bigger, maybe because of my eyes. Hahaha!

I love the photo card idea.

Susie said...

Awesome. I love the damask design of that middle card. That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Hmm. I shall not be so quick to underestimate Wal-Mart next time!