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31 December 2009

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is this month...yay! Here are a few things on my wishlist :)

  • An antioxidant serum that I can put on under my AM moisturizer (suggestions?)
  • An AM moisturizer with at least SPF 25 (suggestions?)
  • Lipstick Queen Wine Saint

Images from myfashionjuice.com, Amazon, Kate Spade, Crane,
Stylecourt.blogspot.com, puglyfeet.com, outblush.com, aol.com


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday in advance! Mine's this month, too...the 24th. When's yours? Great list.

P.S. Bought the heart-shaped pie press from WS today!

Unknown said...

Great list !
Those boots lookes amazing ! You are not the only one how want them ;)

WendyB said...

Someone gave me the Dolls piece by Jonathan Adler last night!

ragini said...

OMG I love your list and you blog!!
BTW do you have any ideas for me I'm turning 16 in a week :D

Unknown said...

I love that matte nail polish! Normally I'm a shiny nails kind of gal but it really does look cool. I also really like that traincase...my birthday isn't until March but I think I will go ahead and add those 2 things to my wishlist on myregistry.com before I forget. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Very chic. I hope you get everything on your wishlist.

Amanda Megan Miller said...

I am in loveeeee with lipstick queen products!