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29 December 2009

Chic and Charming in 2010 and beyond...

Hello darling readers...I think I need to refocus Chic and Charming, I think its been floundering a little. I have been feeling uninspired. I'm thinking of working on adding more regular features to keep me focused and improve my overall quality! So, please answer this poll and let me know what you'd like to see more of on Chic and Charming.


Leah said...

I voted already.

Anonymous said...

I just voted, but I wanted to add a bit of an explanation, as well. Your post on how to have Holly Golightly style is how I found your blog, and after perusing, I fell in love. I love that your focus was true charm and etiquette, things that are in short supply nowadays. One of my New Years Resolutions is to live more glamourously, even if it's just my state of mind. So I would love posts on etiquette, STATIONARY (you always find the cutest stationary and I love stationary, but I never go looking for it myself), decor, planning parties, and you definitely must keep posting on getting a certain style.

I know this comment is super long already, but I would also like to add that it is because of some of your etsy artist posts that I've found art I love. I have 2 prints from TheNebulousKingdom hanging in my room as I write this.

So, obviously, your blog isn't about my interests, and you should write about whatever makes you happiest to write about, but those are what I would like to see. Whatever you decide to focus on, I will remain a loyal reader.