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25 January 2010

Kirtsy Takes a Bow

I'm published! My article "How to Own the Sidewalk" was published in Kirtsy Takes a Bow. Pick up your own copy (for a great price) on Amazon and read a diverse collection of articles from across the web written by women!

17 January 2010

Vintage Lipstick Holders are Fabulous!

My latest obsessions are vintage lipstick holders. I love discovering new items to decorate my vanity, and from crystal ring holders to powder jars, I've amassed quite the collection of beautiful items. That said, I don't know how I've gone through life not knowing about lipstick holders! I especially love "lipstick holders" or "lipstick caddies" that look like vintage head vases or that are decorated with adorable littler mermaids. Here are a few of my favorites, a few are obscenely expensive:

"Vintage LEGO Lipstick Holder" $55 at antiqueheadvases.com

Martha Stewart Online Invitations

The Bride's Guide just announced a collaboration between Martha Stewart and Pingg.com to bring you Martha Wedding Images on Pingg's online invitations. The invites are beautiful, but does anyone else see something a little bit wrong with a wedding guru endorsing online invitations for wedding related events? Engagement Parties, Wedding Showers, Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners should all have written invitations, online invites to such important events are just kind of tacky. So, who, oh queen of wedding etiquette, is supposed to use these online invites?

16 January 2010

Note the Lipstick

Zac doesn't just match the lipstick to the sunglasses, he also matches it with the dress and socks.
I die.

Image from Fashionista and Target

14 January 2010

Headscarf Handicapped


For the past fifteen years I've been obsessive compulsivly tearing out my favorite pages from magazines and saving them in scrapbooks...a fact that I've shared with your before. Now you too can appreciate the fruits of my labors. I've scanned some of my favorite images into my computer and annotated them to share with you here on chic and charming. When possible I will give attribution to the magazine the clippings came from, but that is not always possible.

The above picture was clipped because I've always wanted to be one of those chic women who can pull off a headscarf...alas the look does not really work for me!

Image Source Unknown

PS. It drives me a little crazy that I wrote "a eastern" instead of "an eastern" and I probably should have thrown some capital letters in there somewhere...but I'm too lazy to fix it :P.

13 January 2010

The Grand Migration!

WordPressImage via Wikipedia

Over the next week I am going to work on migrating Chic and Charming from blogger to wordpress, so there may not be much by way of posting. The web address will be the same, so you don't have to do anything different, its just going to be on a different backbone. Hopefully I'll be able to add in some new functionalities (like quicker loading time) and a sexy new design.
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10 January 2010

$250 at Anthropologie

My lil' sister requested that I write an article about what I would spend $250 on at Anthropologie. Below are my selections, I went over just a little bit:

Rococo Gold Leaf Nail Varnish

I saw this Rococo gold leaf nail varnish today at Space.NK. So fabulous!

09 January 2010

Valentine's Day Movie

What do you get when you take Love Actually and set it two months later? Valentine's Day! Undoubtedly this star studded love fest will be box office gold...I'm just not sure I'm going to spend my hard earned pennies to see it at the movie theater...seems like a DVD type film to me.

08 January 2010

Top Twelve Most Requested Articles on Chic and Charming

Here are the results of my reader poll:

  1. Lists of songs I like 6% (18 votes)
  2. Artsy Pictures of my everyday life: possessions, decor, food, etc. 5% (16 votes)
  3. Articles about my favorite books 5% (14 votes)
  4. More personal stories about my life and what is going on 4% (13 votes)
I've been planning on article line up based on these suggestions, so look out for lots of good stuff this year!


Cover of "Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipe...Cover via Amazon

These days I've been experimenting with eating lots of raw foods. As ya'll know, I really want to lose some weight and so I've decided part of my weight loss strategy is to eat at least 70% raw. This might seem kind of extreme but I do have my reasons:
  1. Eating raw makes a lot of sense to my skeptical scientist side. When you read about raw food diets you will probably run up against a lot of bunk about how raw food has enzymes, how dairy causes mucus build up, etc. These are not the reasons that I am choosing to go raw. When it comes down to it, most of time humans have been on the earth they've been eating raw plants, seeds and nuts. Later on in our human history we added the occasional feast on meat. We've best adapted to raw foods as our fuel source, so our bodies are well equipped to digest these types of foods. Additionally, vitamins and other healthy phytochemicals are broken down by the process of cooking, so raw foods, generally speaking are more nutritious. So, logically, I feel like I should mostly be giving my body raw foods, especially if I enjoy eating them.
  2. I am obsessed with food. Eating raw allows me to still obsess over my food by making all sorts of crazy raw meals. Almost all of these meals are incredibly healthy.
  3. All you really need is a blender and a food dehydrator to make just about any raw recipe. I'm currently faking the dehydrator thing by using my oven on its lowest setting. I know its still quite a bit hotter than I am supposed to go, but I just can't afford a dehydrator right now.
  4. Raw food is yummy. Lots of foods taste more interesting raw. In fact, after just about 2 weeks going raw there are some things I used to like that I think are a little gross. For example, I can tell when a restaurant uses canned veggies and I just cannot make myself eat them. Also, some desserts are just too sweet.
  5. I feel better and I have better energy from eating less food than I was eating before I went 70% raw.
  6. I'm not as dehydrated because I mostly eat non-dehydrated fruits and veggies which have a lot of water. I also drink lots of water because I'm not really drinking much else. Also, for now, I've cut out alcohol and caffeine as well.
  7. I try to avoid the coconut oil enriched raw foods because I know I'm still getting some yummy fats from my 30% non-raw foods. Generally speaking raw desserts and creamy sauces rely heavily on coconut oil and fatty nuts.
  8. My skin is already starting to look nicer! Bye-bye zits!
So, that is what is going on with me right now. I actually do still eat a full complement of foods (dairy, meat, etc.), but the majority of what I put in my body everyday is raw fruits, veggies and nuts. I'm hoping that this diet change is pretty permanent because I feel like it really is what is best for my body...healthy fuel with a small amount of tasty food splurges (yummy filet or ice cream) everyday.

If you are interested in trying some raw recipes of your own I recommend checking out one of Sarma Melngailis's cookbooks: Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow or Living Raw Food: Get the Glow with More Recipes from Pure Food and Wine.
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