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10 January 2010

$250 at Anthropologie

My lil' sister requested that I write an article about what I would spend $250 on at Anthropologie. Below are my selections, I went over just a little bit:


Anonymous said...

those are good finds - i like that skirt and love anthropologie!

flutterbyblue said...

Oh...I shouldn't have read this posting. After vowing NOT to buy any more things from Anthro (for a little while at least) I'm now eyeing that crinoline skirt...

Leaning Shanty Farm said...

I really, really want that crinolin slip!!!! I was on the site ready to buy it when I saw that they were out of my size.

Sad for me, good for my wallet.

ralcony said...

i hsve a giftcard to spend but i'm too cheap to pay shipping...maybe i'll drive to the nearest store this weekend to get the it!