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14 January 2010

Headscarf Handicapped


For the past fifteen years I've been obsessive compulsivly tearing out my favorite pages from magazines and saving them in scrapbooks...a fact that I've shared with your before. Now you too can appreciate the fruits of my labors. I've scanned some of my favorite images into my computer and annotated them to share with you here on chic and charming. When possible I will give attribution to the magazine the clippings came from, but that is not always possible.

The above picture was clipped because I've always wanted to be one of those chic women who can pull off a headscarf...alas the look does not really work for me!

Image Source Unknown

PS. It drives me a little crazy that I wrote "a eastern" instead of "an eastern" and I probably should have thrown some capital letters in there somewhere...but I'm too lazy to fix it :P.


Marie A said...

Yeah, I have given up looking chic in a scarf that way- although instead of looking like "a" eastern european bag lady I look like like an unwashed hippy who is trying to hard to fit in "ethnic" into their wardrobe... Which is worse?

WendyB said...

Reminds me of the time when I was a teenager and was swanning around with a scarf on at mother was on the phone and commented to the person on the other end: "Oh, Wendy looks nice, she has a schmatte on her head."

Leaning Shanty Farm said...

I've been trying this for years, too, and I've just given up hope.

I look like an eastern woman or a cancer patient. It's not the best look for me.