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09 January 2010

Valentine's Day Movie

What do you get when you take Love Actually and set it two months later? Valentine's Day! Undoubtedly this star studded love fest will be box office gold...I'm just not sure I'm going to spend my hard earned pennies to see it at the movie theater...seems like a DVD type film to me.


Leaning Shanty Farm said...

Looks cute for sure, but def. not worth my $10.

Bev said...

looks so good!
cant wait for it to come out in the UK xxxx said...

I saw it today for a $6 matinee price, and because I decided to sneak into another film after, it made it a $3 film - perfect. Believe me, this is no "Pretty Woman" although Julia Roberts does a funny bit about shopping on Rodeo drive paying homage to that classic film. "Valentine's Day" is one of those movies that allows you to follow along, neither really engaged or really disengaged.