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18 February 2010

Neutering my condo

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So, a little over a year after moving into my adorable little condo I must leave it behind for a new city, hopefully a job and a new home. I feel as if I was just starting to get things set up the way that I like them! The saddest part is that tomorrow I will finally be able to show ya'll pictures of my little slice of heaven, but the pictures will be "censored." I've spent the last few days feverishly packing off little bits of personality into boxes to be stashed away until our condo has sold. So, sadly there will be no stained glass, no chandeliers, no Liberty print inspiration board covered in pictures of Eva Green, Marilyn Monroe and Rob Pattinson. But fear not my lovelies, you can still admire my homemade Amy Butler window treatments, darling spiral staircase, huge 100 year old picture window and two marble fireplaces (all in 730 sq ft)! Stay tuned!
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