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30 March 2010

29 March 2010

Boots No7 Glycolic Peel Kit

At twenty-eight acne continues to plague me: ugly, painful...GROSS. Over the years I've experimented with treatments. Proactive irritates my sensitive skin. The Zeno Hot Spot treatment actually seems to make my zits worse, blossoming from little red pumps into Mini Mounts Vesuvius. Prescription strength creams, Retin-A, Differin and the like kind of make a difference, but have yet to provide a magic bullet. Lately I've been giving myself mini acid peels with the Boots No7 Glycolic Peel Kit from the always fabulous Tar-jay, and I have to say I've been seeing some success. I'm not saying my zits are gone, but they've definitely been toned down AND my acne scars are quickly fading away.

Want to give it a shot? Here are a few tips:
  1. Personally, I really love the application brush! Application of the peel is most effective if you apply using strokes in the same direction, ie always brush downwards.
  2. I've been experimenting with the length of time that I leave the peel on. Personally, I've discovered that I can leave it on for as long as 30 minutes, instead of the recommended 5 minutes with improved results. Everyone's skin is different, so if you want to try longer peel times I recommend just adding a few minutes each time and then evaluating how your skin feels.
  3. I like to incorporate the peel into a whole pampering routine. First, I start by cleansing my face, then I put some peppermint tea into a large bowl of steaming hot water to give myself as a facial steam (after which I drink the tea), next I do the acid peel (possibly while sitting in the bathtub) and finally I apply the Boots No7 Intensive Moisture Face Mask (which I just leave on!).

I do have to add that I really adore the Boots No7 Intensive Moisture Face Mask from Target I use it exclusively as an intensive facial moisturizer. I love putting it on before I board an airplane to protect my skin in the super dry airplane environment.

Just so you know...neither Target nor Boots gave me any freebies or other goodies to give them a mention, I am really just that obsessed with these products!

Image from Target
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25 March 2010

Shoulda put a ring on it...

And then God created Saturn
And he liked it
So He put a ring on it.
-Anonymous (and all over the internet)

Image from NASA

19 March 2010

Kitchen Hardware

I'm drawn to what I'm drawn to...I make no apologies. Somethings I love are totally useless. I typically restrain myself from going so far as to purchase such items, in the case of this Antique Jiffy Way Egg Grading Scale I don't have to stress...someone else has already added it to their eccentric collection of neat {useless} stuff.

Image from Etsy

18 March 2010

Minx Sugar Skull Nails

They will be mine, OH YES, they will be mine! Seriously, I've been wanting to test out Minx nails for months. Once Wendy B gave them her endorsement I was even convinced that they might be worth the splurge. Now that I've seen this device its only a matter of time until I find my salon and STRIKE.

Image from Wendy B

17 March 2010

Your Slip is Showing

June: Well, no. I mean, I can be a workaholic too. That's why I'm vigilant about separating my personal and professional life.

Lucy: Really? Well, I guess that would explain the late-night meeting in your slip (slip is said with a slight lisp).

Oh, if only I had a slip from Your Slip is Showing I would have all sorts of late night meetings. I especially adore the Ugly Duckling and Swan Lake Slips, which are both on sale!

Images from Your Slip is Showing

The Wearing of the Green

I forgot to wear my green today (I lied and told people I had on green underwear). Maybe if I had a green outfit that was total hotness like Madge and Keira I would have remembered...

Wow, she's tiny. Elle makes a point of sharing that K is a "true sample size." I wonder if all those extensions for her Elle cover shoot were uncomfortable.

On second thought maybe Madge is more fun-ness than hotness, although I am sure many of you just think she's a hot mess. I do adore feathers. She looks a little like a Muppet. It ain't easy being green.

12 March 2010

Obsessed with Liberty

My name is Sophia Charming (not really), and I am a shop-o-holic. Usually, I am able to keep things under control, but in the past three days I have made over fifteen trips to various Target stores scouring the aisles for Liberty of London merchandise. Any Target shopper worth her salt knows that Target almost always starts putting merchandise out on the floor before the release date. Liberty has been no exception. In fact, I saw Liberty in Target as early as Tuesday.

It has been 34 minutes since I last set foot in Target. I have purchased: five neckties, three mens shirts, a jumper dress, two bathing suit cover-ups, six storage boxes, two lampshades, a picture frame, umbrella and two pairs of gardening gloves. I desperately want to purchase a a quilt and marching pillows, but my husband has temporarily put a hold on all further Target purchases. Target has not even officially released the Liberty collection yet and I already own a significant number of items, and will certainly purchase more (teapot, teacups, tea tray, PJs, wallet?, large handbag, flip-flops, gardening tools, large canisters?).

My saving grace, bizarrely, has been the fact that most of the womens clothing is polyester, which I detest. I may be further saved by the percentage of melamine kitchen items (because I just have to draw the line somewhere). At this rate my entire home and person will be covered in Liberty print, I am in serious need of an intervention.
I'd also like to note for those of you thinking of buying stuff online that the watering cans are a little disappointing, the print is oddly warped at points of attachment (e.g. handle, top). Also, the black planter is not a true black, it is more of a brownish gray. In terms of clothing the mens items are far and away the best deal of what I have seen so far: silk ties with contrasting lining and 100% cotton shirts with collar stays!

Images from

06 March 2010

Southward I go (want to buy my condo?)

So much exciting news! Well first off, I'm moving from Boston to Washington DC. In fact, my condo is now on the market. Anyone interested in moving to Jamaica Plain (Boston)? And second, I finally found a job! So exciting, right?

Bedroom fireplace...sooooooooooooooo romantical.

Office/Dressing Room next to the bathroom...Note fabulous inlaid wood floor!

My Muchas.

Living Room with spiral stairs and fireplace.

My card catalog and kimono.

Fabulous picture window.

Amy Butler window treatments, 1950s table and brand spankin' new stainless appliances.

Did I mention that I live across from a huge, beautiful park?

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