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06 March 2010

Southward I go (want to buy my condo?)

So much exciting news! Well first off, I'm moving from Boston to Washington DC. In fact, my condo is now on the market. Anyone interested in moving to Jamaica Plain (Boston)? And second, I finally found a job! So exciting, right?

Bedroom fireplace...sooooooooooooooo romantical.

Office/Dressing Room next to the bathroom...Note fabulous inlaid wood floor!

My Muchas.

Living Room with spiral stairs and fireplace.

My card catalog and kimono.

Fabulous picture window.

Amy Butler window treatments, 1950s table and brand spankin' new stainless appliances.

Did I mention that I live across from a huge, beautiful park?

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Unknown said...

Congrats to you! I LOVE DC, and am sure you'll be happy there!

Anonymous said...

Your apartment is so CLEAN! How do you do it??? ;-P