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16 April 2010

Barbie Gets Her Geek On

Have you heard about Computer Engineer Barbie? She's obviously serious business because not only does she have glasses, a watch and a laptop, she has a blue tooth headset. You can even test your own geekiness by trying to translate the code on her shirt (when you give up, I spoil the surprise at the end of this article)?


I kind of want sparkle leggings now. Apparently my Mom, who was a programmer at IBM back in the day, wants the actual doll. I'm not going to lie, if I got Computer Engineering Barbie I'd probably sit her right by my computer, possibly even at work. She has the coolest Barbie accessories ever, I just wish that shirt wasn't so fugly, even if it does spell Barbie in binary.

Read more at WSJ, NYT, BarbieMedia, or Wired or buy her at Mattel.

Image from Mattel.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Holy crow, she is delightful! My co-worker, the mod-spectacles-wearing boy who borrowed my copy of "Freaking Fabulous," recently nicknamed me "Sci-Bar" (i.e. Science Barbie) and keeps asking me what accessories I come with. If he keeps bugging me, I might just tell him. ;-) !! Hugs!! ~Jenny