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16 April 2010

Mad Men Barbies!!!

Speaking of Barbies, while researching my Computer Engineer Barbie story, I came across an article on Barbie Media about the imminent release of Mad Men Barbies. After finding pictures of them online I pretty much forgot all about geeky barbie in favor of amazingly sexy retro Joan and Betty Barbies. I think I might be hyperventilating because of all the fabulousness. Tragically their are $80 each, but seriously folks, could anything be more perfect? I think Roger might even being wearing a super subtle glen plaid suit.

Image from NYT


rosiecampbell said...

I have to get my husband one of those! LOL.

RedPanties said...

Fabulous! This might make me watch the show!

Susie said...

Hey - random question. Did you take your husband's last name or no? I think that would make a good blog post actually...

Lila said...

HA HA! I love it.
Lila Ferraro
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