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08 April 2010

McQueen on Gilt

Tragically, my internet is not yet hooked up at home, so I seldom have opportunity to blog or to shop online. As a result, I was most distressed this morning when I noticed that I had totally missed the opening of the Alexander McQueen sale on Gilt Group. I've signed up on the wait list for like a million things, including what could potentially be my "signature" purse...the purse for which I forsake all others. I feel very bittersweet about the above shoe, I adore it, it is sold out...but it was never available in my size anyway. Isn't it magnificent anyway? I don't care how high the heel, I would wear that shoe every freaking day if I owned it, even if it left me crippled with blisters.

Did any of you guys buy McQueen? If you are not on Gilt yet, you can use this invitation from me to check it out.

Image from Gilt Group


Carina Joana said...

I love those shoes!
I want to buy a McQueen!

The Honeyroom said...

I agree that shoe is beautiful and it is so sexy, it would look great dressed up or totally dressed down to give basic jeans a little pizzazz!