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09 May 2010

Basil Flowers

I'm back in DC after a week of packing in Boston. Miraculously my herbs and tomatoes survived their week of neglect (all except the mint, surprisingly). My basil flowered in my absence, usually I eat the entire plant (or kill it) before flowers emerge, so now I'm wondering what to do. Some websites say that you should cut flowers off immediately, because they will effect the flavor of your leaves, while others say that this is an old wives tale. Either way, those cuties are coming off and I just need to figure out how I want to use them, as they are apparently edible. My first thought is to throw them into a nice salad for dinner tomorrow, but I feel like that is kind of the easy way out. I think I would prefer to use the flowers as a garnish in a cocktail, I'm thinking a Basil Gimlet (like this, but with gin instead of vodka).

Have any of you ever tried Basil flowers?

Image from wikipedia

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