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31 May 2010

Moving Sucks, Cooking Rocks

Hubby and I continue to unpack our earthly goods at a glacial pace. Today we unearthed my cookbooks, which for me is like coming upon a box of photo albums of life-long friends. Love, nostalgia and excitement swept through me as I removed each book from its box and flipped through it, lovingly smoothing the pages and fantasizing about the meals that I will cook in my new kitchen. For many of my cookbooks I remember the period in my life when it was purchased and I first started cooking out of it.

I almost cried when I discovered that about 1/4 of the books had somehow been exposed to water and were starting to mold. I briefly considered trying to salvage them, but I will tragically have to replace several hundred dollars worth of cookbooks over the next year.

Images from Donna Hay

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