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20 May 2010

Zeno Hot Spot, Not So Hot

I was super excited when I first noticed the Zeno hot spot for sale at CVS. This cute little gadget allegedly packs some powerful zit fighting action. Previously, the zeno technology was only available in a re-usable format for $129 (which you had to purchase replacement cartridges for at $25). Now, at $40 this little pink plastic nugget is hardly a deal, but if it was really 90% effective at elimating zits, I was willing to splurge. The zeno works by delivering a 2.5 minute dose of heat to your pimple, killing the bacteria responsible for the flair up. Sadly, I found this gadget to be ineffective on both my and my husbands zits, and we don't even have cystic acne (the kind it doesn't work on). So, I just wanted to give you a heads up, don't waste your money on a my experience it really only works maybe 40% of the time, and that is just not worth the price. Futhermore, my zeno randomly turned itself on when I bumped it (even when the cap was on) which is a giant waste of money because the thing stops working after 80 uses.

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