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21 June 2010

A few thoughts on Eclipse

The natives are getting restless, as in, I finally have friends living in the same city as me who feel compelled to harass me when I don't post for a while. So, here I am writing a post about the fast approaching release of Eclipse. As a huge twilight fan, I am super excited! I've been doing some online research and I definitely have some thoughts:
  1. Bella's wig is just horrible. They should never have let her cut off her hair to play Joan Jett.
  2. Why does Emmet wear a hoodie to the vampire war? Tactical error anyone?
  3. It looks like they've incorporated some elements from the newest little Twilight novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
  4. I think neutron star collision is a horrible song, but the music video has some beautiful Edward shots that you cannot find anywhere else. Watch it on mute.
  5. Edward is sexier with hungry eyes
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15 June 2010

What is your beauty style...

All the Vanity recently posted a MEME that quizzes a blogger's beauty style. She did not tag me (but I still love her anyway). I liked the Meme and so I thought I would give it a go...

1. What is your beauty style? (Natural, trendy, etc.)
I have a beauty split personality, on some days I am totally natural (aka LAZY) and on some days I am full on Marylin-Monroe-channeling glamorous...I guess in many ways I am not unlike a drag queen.

2. Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
Magazines, Movies (from all eras), Blogs

3. What beauty products do you have the most of?
Lush bath bombs, products to tame my unruly curly hair and mascara (randomly it just seems to find me, seriously, it is unreal the amount of mascara that I am gifted, is that some sort of message?)

4. What's you favourite/holy grail colour for:
Eyes: Guerlain Kohl Black
Lips: Lipstick Queen Red Sinner
Cheeks: Orgasm and Laguna duo from NARS
Nails: Redder than red
(wow, so I guess I am kind of a vamp)

5. Three favourite brands of the moment:
1. YSL (I could bathe in touche eclat)
2. Bliss (love their face masks)
3. Bumble Bumble (curl conscious)

Image from drx.typepad.com
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13 June 2010

Henri Bendel, such a disappointment

I was in NYC this weekend and so I thought I would do some reconnaissance for my blog, because, you see, I've actually not spent much time in New York. Unfortunately, I ended up spending most my time on Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue which proved to be full of chain stores and tourists. Boring. I was pretty excited to find Henri Bendel, mostly because I'd heard about it a lot on TV shows like Gossip Girl. Sadly, I was not so excited to be inside Henri Bendel. As far as I could tell, Henri Bendel basically sells crappy branded merchandise(like Bendel totes, flip-flops and umbrellas), make-up, unexceptional costume jewelry and headbands. In short, it was blahsville. According to IDR, Bendel's stopped selling actual fashion merchandise about a year ago...so even though I was willing to give them a little bit of a pass for being under construction, I'm starting to think that Bendel's is, in fact, not very exciting.

Image from IDR

10 June 2010

Shit. I suck. And so forth.

Even when you have been blogging for three years you still make mistakes. I feel like such a rookie, but I EPICALLY f*cked up. EPICALLY! As in lost years of articles on my other blogs...girls guide to blogging, boudoir betty and charming dandy. You see, I really thought I'd backed up my wordpress blogs before switching from one hosting account to another. But, apparently, I suck and I'm stupid. I backed up the html stuff that I'd FTPed into my blog (and then FTed back out), but not the database, and the database is where the actual articles live. Shoot me now.

09 June 2010

Act fast and you can live out your Holly Golightly fantasies in a major way with your very own half-bathtub couch from ruffhouseart on etsy:

For More Breakfast at Tiffany lifestyle advice check out my archive: How to be like Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany.

Image from etsy.com

02 June 2010

A million dollar home...

"When I grow up I'm going go to earn a million dollars and I'm going to live in a mansion with horses and a bowling alley and a swimming pool!"-Sophia Charming, Age 8

One million dollars sure doesn't buy what it used to, at least not in any major metropolitan area that I am aware of. Hubby and I have been on the hunt for our first stand alone house (we just closed our condo...yipeee!) and the prices in DC make me a little bit swoony. I honestly don't know how real estate was priced 20 years ago, but in my childhood fantasies a millionaire lived in a mansion and the average American family lived in a four bedroom two-bathroom colonial. (now I know this isn't always true). As a child I believed that if you had a job with a desk you had a house with a yard, but as an adult I've had to come to terms with the fact that my dual-income highly educated household may have to set up shop in a two-bedroom condo in a slightly inconvenient location (and feel grateful for it!). But, I'm still holding on to the dream of having a a master bathroom, a craft room, a guest room and a garden out back with tomatoes ripening in the sun. Wish me luck!

Image from Elle Decor