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21 June 2010

A few thoughts on Eclipse

The natives are getting restless, as in, I finally have friends living in the same city as me who feel compelled to harass me when I don't post for a while. So, here I am writing a post about the fast approaching release of Eclipse. As a huge twilight fan, I am super excited! I've been doing some online research and I definitely have some thoughts:
  1. Bella's wig is just horrible. They should never have let her cut off her hair to play Joan Jett.
  2. Why does Emmet wear a hoodie to the vampire war? Tactical error anyone?
  3. It looks like they've incorporated some elements from the newest little Twilight novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
  4. I think neutron star collision is a horrible song, but the music video has some beautiful Edward shots that you cannot find anywhere else. Watch it on mute.
  5. Edward is sexier with hungry eyes
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