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13 June 2010

Henri Bendel, such a disappointment

I was in NYC this weekend and so I thought I would do some reconnaissance for my blog, because, you see, I've actually not spent much time in New York. Unfortunately, I ended up spending most my time on Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue which proved to be full of chain stores and tourists. Boring. I was pretty excited to find Henri Bendel, mostly because I'd heard about it a lot on TV shows like Gossip Girl. Sadly, I was not so excited to be inside Henri Bendel. As far as I could tell, Henri Bendel basically sells crappy branded merchandise(like Bendel totes, flip-flops and umbrellas), make-up, unexceptional costume jewelry and headbands. In short, it was blahsville. According to IDR, Bendel's stopped selling actual fashion merchandise about a year even though I was willing to give them a little bit of a pass for being under construction, I'm starting to think that Bendel's is, in fact, not very exciting.

Image from IDR


Susie said...

Disappointing. Did you make it to Barneys?

babyxswts5 said...

Really? I've never been there either and have only heard of it from movies and tv. I wonder why it's so hyped up then? :P

thefarmersdaughter said...

they're owned by Limited aren't they? I've heard they have nothing now...

Chic and Charming said...

Susie-I've been to Barneys, MUCH better
LOJO-really? I wouldn't have guessed that!