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02 June 2010

A million dollar home...

"When I grow up I'm going go to earn a million dollars and I'm going to live in a mansion with horses and a bowling alley and a swimming pool!"-Sophia Charming, Age 8

One million dollars sure doesn't buy what it used to, at least not in any major metropolitan area that I am aware of. Hubby and I have been on the hunt for our first stand alone house (we just closed our condo...yipeee!) and the prices in DC make me a little bit swoony. I honestly don't know how real estate was priced 20 years ago, but in my childhood fantasies a millionaire lived in a mansion and the average American family lived in a four bedroom two-bathroom colonial. (now I know this isn't always true). As a child I believed that if you had a job with a desk you had a house with a yard, but as an adult I've had to come to terms with the fact that my dual-income highly educated household may have to set up shop in a two-bedroom condo in a slightly inconvenient location (and feel grateful for it!). But, I'm still holding on to the dream of having a a master bathroom, a craft room, a guest room and a garden out back with tomatoes ripening in the sun. Wish me luck!

Image from Elle Decor


WendyB said...

She's like Dr. Evil! Tell her she has to aim higher.

flutterbyblue said...

Well, you could always move to Iowa - then your dream would be a reality (so long as you don't mind miles upon miles of corn...)

Beauty Is Diverse said...

That's a lot of pink.

Anonymous said...

Literally a barbie dreamouse!

Love the blog, was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll listings (