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15 June 2010

What is your beauty style...

All the Vanity recently posted a MEME that quizzes a blogger's beauty style. She did not tag me (but I still love her anyway). I liked the Meme and so I thought I would give it a go...

1. What is your beauty style? (Natural, trendy, etc.)
I have a beauty split personality, on some days I am totally natural (aka LAZY) and on some days I am full on Marylin-Monroe-channeling glamorous...I guess in many ways I am not unlike a drag queen.

2. Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
Magazines, Movies (from all eras), Blogs

3. What beauty products do you have the most of?
Lush bath bombs, products to tame my unruly curly hair and mascara (randomly it just seems to find me, seriously, it is unreal the amount of mascara that I am gifted, is that some sort of message?)

4. What's you favourite/holy grail colour for:
Eyes: Guerlain Kohl Black
Lips: Lipstick Queen Red Sinner
Cheeks: Orgasm and Laguna duo from NARS
Nails: Redder than red
(wow, so I guess I am kind of a vamp)

5. Three favourite brands of the moment:
1. YSL (I could bathe in touche eclat)
2. Bliss (love their face masks)
3. Bumble Bumble (curl conscious)

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