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29 July 2010

Project Runway is Back

Do you still watch Project Runway? I have to admit that my interest has been waning. I think I was most into the show in 2008 due in large part to my obsession with Leanne Marshall, who I was a fan of long before the show through her etsy shop. The new season starts tonight at 9 pm. This might be my last season as PR follower, we'll have to see what kind of charcters turn up and if Michael and Nina are around for at least half the season.

Image from modelmanagement.com

DIY Minx at Sephora

As you all know, I've been obsessed with minx manicures for some time (thanks in large part to Wendy B). I recently discovered that Sephora has come out with a kit that allows you to do a minx manicure at home. While I am totally psyched to be able to give myself crazy-cool at home manicures, I am disappointed that the Sephora minx lasts 1-2 days while the salon minx lasts 1-2 weeks. A salon minx manicure runs $55, and the at home minx kit is about $15. I think I;ll stick with the salon version.

Image from Sephora

28 July 2010

Robert Pattinson cut his hair

My secret lovah Robert Pattinson cut his luscious locks. I don't know how I feel about this...actually, I do, he's still yummy.

Image from stylelist.com

27 July 2010

Oui Oui, I love you

Speaking of the Dior Oui ring, I totally love their latest incarnation.

Image from forums.thefashionspot.com

Solange Azagury-Partridge

This gorgeous lip ring from Solange Azagury-Partridge has been one of my absolute favorites for forever and ever. I would die if I got this loverly ring as a prezzie (hint hint).
Now, following in the foot steps of Dior Oui ring, Azagury-Partridge has designed a "Marry Me" ring...perfect for the man who wants to surprise his honey with a proposal while still allowing her to choose her own ice at a later date.

Images from net-a-porter and doverstreetmarket.com

25 July 2010

Sparkle like a Twilight Vampire

I was wandering around Sephora yesterday and I ran across Sparklicity Shimmer Dust.
*SQUIRT SQUIRT* I applied a little shimmer to my hand because I just could not resist the retro little applicator bulb. Gazing down at my hand, I was instantly reminded of Edward Cullen's sparkly envelope. I had to giggle.

Image from Sephora

16 July 2010

Penguin Classics: The Divine Comedy and A Christmas Carol

I just discovered two more soon to be released books from the Penguin Classic clothbound Hardback collection: The Divine Comedy: Volume 1: Inferno and A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings (Penguin Classics). Adorable. As always. These books usually come out in sets of 10, so I can't wait to see the next eight!

Pictures from Amazon