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31 August 2010

My Christina Crush Continues....

"People have been saying some nice, wonderful things about me. Yet not one designer in town will loan me a dress, they only lend out a size 0 or 2. So I'm still struggling for someone to give me a darn dress."-Christina Hendricks

Personally, I would live to see Christina in something that makes her look beautiful without making her beautiful bosom look like giant inflatable balloons mysteriously floating up, up and away. It's almost like the top is always a little too small.

Source: New York Magazine

1 comment:

WendyB said...

Yes, she needs more room in the top so that she doesn't seem to be defying the laws of gravity. But some people love that "boobs under the chin" look...maybe she prefers it? I mean, people do pay for implants that are set that high up. I wonder if it's an aesthetic choice or fit issue for her.

She needs to go to my friend Zang Toi. He knows how to dress all sizes.