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20 September 2010

Rationalizing Frivolous Antiques

This weekend hubby and I galavanted about the the region, checking out many cute local towns in Maryland and Virginia. In one particularly cute town, in one particularly cute store, we ran across a seven-foot-tall card catalog. Now, I've been obsessed with card catalogs for at least ten years. In fact, I already own one, comparatively small, card catalog that doubles as a TV stand and storage for my ostrich feathers, sequins, individually sized appetizer spoons and cocktail napkin collection. However, it pales in comparison to the magnificence of this latest specimen. Unfortunately, for all my frivolity, I do have a solid streak of practicality, like river of hot fudge in my otherwise whipped-creamy shopping self-discipline. Also much like hot fudge piled on top of whipped cream, which we can all acknowledge is generally a good thing, my practicality slowly seeps through and melts away the joy and the flimsy (yet fun) support for making such a purchase. Where am I going to put a seven-foot-tall card catalog in my one-bedroom apartment? Why would I spend almost 2K on a card catalog, when what I desperately need is a dining room table? Well, how about because it is totally awesome and when am I ever going to find a card catalog large enough to organize all of my craft supplies, or perhaps all of my accessories, again? Never! Imagine: a drawer for sunglasses, another for driving gloves, a third for compact mirrors and perfume atomizers. How divine! What is a girl to do?

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